Paper and pencil are still part of learning English!


Even though technology is great and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for language learning, it is not a bad idea to take paper and pencil, get your hand involved and practice writing English words and sentences at a peaceful pace.

That is why we have created PDF worksheets for the Kid Family English app for beginners.  Not only will the kids get a break from the monitor, but when they use their senses a little differently again, the words and phrases become easier to remember.

The worksheets follow the story from the app, allowing you to practice vocabulary and grammar from each chapter.

On 96 pages, children will find a variety of tasks – filling in, connecting, finding mistakes and a bit of clearly explained grammar.  And, of course, the Kid family’s favorite characters.

How much do the worksheets cost?

The price of the worksheets is CZK 190 (EUR 8.00), and you can buy them in our e-shop.

You will receive them in the PDF format, so they will serve multiple siblings – you can print them out repeatedly!

Need to get the Kid Family English app first?

You can purchase the app only on Google Play and the App Store:

The app costs CZK 429 (EUR 18.99).


Can I use only the worksheets?

No, please don’t buy the worksheets alone. If you don’t know the story from the application, the worksheets won’t make very much sense to you.

Are worksheets absolutely necessary?

No, they aren’t. Of course, you can use the app alone. However, the worksheets are highly recommended – in addition to practice, you will find basic grammar summaries and exercises to help you practice asking questions.

Why aren’t the worksheets part of the application, meaning I have to download and print them in PDF format?

We think that when students engage in the learning process with their hands by writing the answers nicely on paper, circling, etc., they will remember the subject matter better than if they were to just tap the screen.