Learning English at home? It is possible! Easily and naturally.



unique audio lessons for The Kid Family Story comic book


enable your kids and yourself to practice English actively at home


8 hours of recordings and 2,080 questions to take your English to the next level

Audio lessons - questions

Do you want your school children to have a nice relationship to English? Do you want them to have a solid foundation?

To understand the spoken word well and not be afraid to speak?

So that they do not simply get lost in the world?

Or do you need to get your own English in shape?

To improve your pronunciation and learn to respond faster?

We have a solution for you.

The key is to choose the right way to learn and engage not only your eyes and brain but also your ears and mouth.

Let’s take inspiration from little children. They listen to the same words and expressions over and over again while trying to use them. That way, they learn the language naturally and without much effort. Let’s follow this approach, too.

Question and Answer lessons

We cannot ensure that you will always have a live person around you to communicate with… but what would you think about:

Go for it!

specially designed audio lessons that


mimic a conversation,


and you can listen to them whenever you have time,


and listen and talk along repeatedly?

Sometimes referred to in English as Questions&Answers lessons, they allow you to talk to a native speaker at home, perhaps every day and at a time that suits you.

No, it is not a robot; everything works much more naturally:

It is based on a story from our comic book The Kid Family Story.

You first read a piece of the story and then listen to audio recordings relevant for that part.

For each picture, Jane, a native U.S. speaker, reads you a sentence, and then asks a few simple questions about the picture.

Each question is followed by a pause where you have the time to answer out loud.

This is followed by the correct answer so that you know whether you have responded correctly.

There are 360 pictures in the book and more than 2,000 questions, so you really have plenty of opportunities to practice your English.

By answering the questions gradually (and preferably repeatedly), you will start to think more and more in English. You will respond faster and with more confidence.

Not only will your ability to understand spoken English improve, but you will also be able to speak better.

Step by step and almost unconsciously, you will consolidate the basics of English, learn new words, and English grammar. Just like native speakers.

With this Q&A method, you can  learn English naturally and effortlessly.

Those who do not spend enough time with English can never improve.

Those who listen to our audio lessons cannot but improve.

Who am I?

I’ll be honest – I’m not a studied linguist, nor do I have any supernatural talent for languages. But over the years, while I learned German, French, and English, and later taught English, German, and Spanish to our children, I have learned different ways of teaching languages.

The method on which our recordings are based has a solid foundation. It has been tried and tested by many thousands of students around the world, and produces results.

This is how our daughter, who was basically just a homeschooler, became a confident English speaker.  She was 14 years old when she made this video.

I cannot, of course, guarantee the same results (just like I cannot promise that you will know how to do a jump rope handstand right away after watching her tutorial), but I’m sure everyone will make progress with our audio recordings.

I love English

How much do the audio lessons cost?

The audio lessons cost CZK 1,190 (EUR 48,00).
The recordings are in the MP3 format and will be yours forever.

What will you get for this price?

8 hours of conversation with a native U.S. speaker
2080 questions that will help you practice your English nicely
you can come back to the recordings as often as you like
the audio lessons are easily transferable to your smartphone or tablet
possibility to practice your English even when you are offline
texts of all the questions and answers in PDF format
an excellent English program for your entire family

However, please do not distribute the recordings beyond your close family. They are meant for your personal use.


Is there any way to try the audio lessons?

Absolutely. You can find a short sample here. If you would like to try the whole chapter, please email us and we will be happy to send it to you. Contact us here.

Can I order the audio lessons themselves?

You can, but please keep in mind that the audio lessons were made to complement The Kid Family Story. So if you do not have the book yet, please order it together with the audio recordings as this is the only way to really get the most out of them.

Do you need to have any prior knowledge of English?

Yes. The recordings are intended for children and students who already have a basic command of English. If you are looking for something for complete beginners, we recommend our Kid Family English mobile app, which is based on the same principles (story with pictures + questions and answers) but teaches the complete basics.

What language level are the recordings for?

Try and test our sample and please judge for yourself whether the audio lessons are suitable for you and your children. Alternatively, email us for a longer sample. You can contact us here.

Of course, you can also start listening to the audio lessons even if you do not understand that much yet and take them as a challenge. Or, alternatively, you can just practice your ability to respond swiftly, even though you may know most of the words and expressions already.

By listening and answering questions repeatedly, you will also improve your pronunciation – try to focus on it and mimic the intonation and pronunciation of a native speaker.

Can I get the recordings elsewhere than on your website?

No, the only legal way to get the recordings is to buy them from our e-shop. Thank you for respecting our copyright. We believe that the benefits from our recordings will during your life many times exceed the money you have spent with us, and your purchase will allow us to create more Kid Family materials.

In which format will I get the audio lessons?

Our audio lessons are available in the MP3 format, which allows you to easily copy them to your PC, smartphone or tablet and have them at hand constantly even if you are offline.

You will receive texts of all the questions and answers in the PDF format.