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Learning English with the Kid family

English with the Kid Family is fun


Children and students enjoy learning English through stories more than vocabulary and grammar exercises.

English with the Kid Family saves time


Remember new vocabulary and practice grammar more easily with comic stories.

English with the Kid Family gets results


Thanks to a sophisticated system of audio recordings, you will begin to understand English better and practice speaking as well.

English with the Kid Family is healthy


The Kid family not only teaches English, but also provides a great opportunity to reflect on life’s values.

Where can you meet the Kid family?

The Kid Family Story

The Kid Family Story

A printed comic book, 96 pages full of a nicely illustrated story, with look & find activities for little children, and inspirational texts for the whole family.

The Kid Family Story Audio Lessons

The Kid Family Story Audio Lessons

8 hours of MP3 audio recordings. With a well thought-out audio lesson system, you will not only listen but speak, too! A complement to The Kid Family Story.

Kid Family English

Kid Family English

A mobile app, 8 hours with native speakers. It introduces kids and beginners to the Kid family, teaches commonly used vocabulary, and practices basic grammar, listening, and speaking.

Kid Family English Worksheets

Kid Family English Worksheets

96 printable worksheets for the Kid Family English app. Children will get their hands involved and practice reading, writing, and grammar.

Kid Family English Recipe

Kid Family English Recipe

Even at home you can learn English well with your children, you just need to know how. Come and try our recipe. For free.

Kid Family Coloring Pages

Kid Family Coloring Pages

Coloring pages for kids. Favorite characters from the Kid Family Story to color, cut out, and illustrate. For free.


A very successful book not only for children. Very nicely rendered. Not only my son, but I also enjoyed the search tasks. The texts for reflection at the end of the chapters are a great opportunity for deeper conversations with the children. Thank you for the well-spent moments and we are very much looking forward to the continuation.

Lenka Soukupová

I got the Kid Family English app for my seven-year-old daughter when she started second grade. The short stories with original illustrations immediately captured her attention. She uses the app regularly and is making visible progress. I must appreciate the really sophisticated system in which vocabulary and grammar knowledge are constantly deepened (in small steps). It is very important to me that my daughter actively uses English when learning. She listens to native speakers and answers questions on her own. As a result, from the beginning she uses vocabulary and grammar in sentences, learns pronunciation and practices natural speech pace. I can see that this way of learning has helped my daughter to gain a lot of confidence; she is not afraid to speak English even in other situations. We have tried other apps but this one suits us best.

Míša Stránská

This family’s engaging comic story is exactly the kind of educational reading that not only schoolchildren learning English as a second language will like to read, but so will their parents who would like to brush up on their English.

Thanks to the combination of comics, common situations from life, and lessons, English words and useful phrases are beautifully memorized.

The book will undoubtedly be appreciated as a great tool by primary school teachers, for whom it can be a great help in the modern way of teaching English.

Eva Langer Dömény, publicistka

Thank you very much for this beautiful app.My sons started using it when they were 7 and 4 years old and enjoyed it from the very beginning.

All of us were impressed by the beautiful pictures, sweet characters and the nice story. I even did not explain anything to them, and my sons automatically started to repeat the sentences, imitate pronunciation and answer the questions in the app.

Our children are bilingual (German and Czech), and for me as a private German language teacher the focus on the right pronunciation, speaking from the very first moment, and on enjoying learning is very important.

Mrg. Kristyna Ratschan

Where did the Kid family come from?

I have always loved foreign languages. In my youth I studied German and French, and later I taught myself English. About 10 years ago I started teaching English to our children, looking for fun ways to teach.

Then in the summer of 2017, everything came together at once, like when you put all the pieces of a puzzle together. I knew I had to stop searching for different methods and start creating. And so the story of the Kid family was born:


with nice pictures from my amazing friends;


with a question-and-answer system to give kids and students a great English practice;


with recordings narrated by native speakers (from the U.S.).

It is a story about a family and people who love and respect each other. This is what I want to pass on to children and the world – alongside my love for foreign languages.

Daniela Petřinová – Project Author


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