Learning English with the Kid family brings both joy and results.

The Kid Family Story


an English comic story about the Kid family


96 pages with pictures and entertaining texts in English


complemented with special audio lessons that will get the whole family talking

Do you know which pages of textbooks are the most popular among children and students of English? Definitely the comic stories that textbook authors often place at the end of lessons.

So save them time flipping through and delight your children and students with a comic book.

The Kid Family Story sample
The Kid Family Story sample
The Kid Family Story sample

How does it all work?

The Kid Family Story sample

At the beginning of each chapter, you will find a look & find activity, designed for those who like to play and search.

The Kid Family Story sample

Then you will find 4 pages of pictures and story, just like you know from classic comics.

The Kid Family Story sample

There is also accompanying text above each picture to complement and enrich the story and provide additional reading for more proficient readers.

The Kid Family Story sample

The chapter concludes with an article for reflection and discussion – preferably in English, of course.

Audio lessons
Do you want your children to practice their English really in depth? Get them our unique audio lessons to go with the book. They will actively practice vocabulary and grammar and begin to understand and speak better. And so will you along with them.
Learning languages takes time. Unfortunately, there are no miracle methods.
But there are ways to progress toward fluent English faster and more comfortably.
And The Kid Family Story is one such way.

What do parents and English teachers say about the book?

We liked the book very much; our children always looked forward to the next sequel. I also appreciate the texts for deeper reflection. We often got to interesting topics. The children could easily understand the content with the help of very nice pictures, which are also helpful when learning new vocabulary. I very much recommend the book for both its attractive appearance and the topical topics that are mentioned in it.

Kamila Tatíčková

A very successful book not only for children. Very nicely rendered. Not only my son, but I also enjoyed the search tasks. The texts for reflection at the end of the chapters are a great opportunity for deeper conversations with the children. Thank you for the well-spent moments and we are very much looking forward to the continuation.

Lenka Soukupová

The individual stories were easy to understand thanks to the comic concept. The book is good to work with, and after reading a chapter, another debate develops, which helps to expand vocabulary and the ability to use a foreign language.

Olga Smith Králíková

This family’s engaging comic story is exactly the kind of educational reading that not only schoolchildren learning English as a second language will like to read, but so will their parents who would like to brush up on their English.

Thanks to the combination of comics, common situations from life, and lessons, English words and useful phrases are beautifully memorized.

The book will undoubtedly be appreciated as a great tool by primary school teachers, for whom it can be a great help in the modern way of teaching English.

Eva Langer Dömény, publicistka

At first glance, it’s a sweet and funny story of one family, but with a closer look, the reader discovers that through this family he not only improves his English, but also rediscovers the world around him, and I think that’s magical!

Because the book seems to have more “layers”, it is suitable for both young children and the elderly, and even for adults who are learning English.

Barbora Drobná

Who are the Kid Family Story book suitable for?


for anyone who likes happy stories and who likes the illustrations on this website


for parents who want to help their children with English and are looking for materials with quality content


for teachers and tutors who want to enliven their lessons and delight their students


for self-learners of any age


for those who want to start to understand English better and need to improve their pronunciation and fluency

Who are the Kid Family Story book suitable for?

The Kid Family Story in figures:

pages of pictures and text

look & find activities

articles for deeper reflexion

original pictures

minutes of recordings with a native speaker

questions waiting to be answered

How much is the book?

The book costs 479 CZK incl. VAT (18.50 EUR).

Which is approximately the same as one hour with a private tutor or 2 menus in a fast-food restaurant.

Audio lessons can be purchased separately.

Who will you delight and support by buying the book?

Most of all, of course, your children, your students and, thus, yourself 🙂

Then all those who have contributed to the book:

  • Mirka, the illustrator, and her husband Mario, who has transferred all the pictures from paper to computer;
  • Daniel, the graphic designer who gave the book its final form;
  • Jane, a native U.S. speaker, who proofread the texts and narrated the audio lessons.

Last but not least, one Czech printing works where the book was printed, and the Czech state to which we will pay the VAT.

And of course me. The funds raised from the sale of the book and the audio lessons will allow me to finish and publish a sequel to the story and implement my other Kid Family ideas.

Well, is it not great to make yourself happy and still support so many other people and entities?

Who will you delight and support by buying the book?


What makes The Kid Family Story stand out from other English comic books?

 From the very beginning I created the Kid family story with the intention to help children, students or even adults to acquire a nice relationship with English, to solidify the basics and begin to communicate in English.

I chose the texts accordingly and supplemented the story with a set of audio lessons in which you can practice the expressions and grammar used in the story in depth.

Is it necessary to have any prior knowledge of English?

Yes, in order to make reading the book an enjoyable and beneficial experience for children and students, it is necessary to already have some basic knowledge of English. If they are yet to acquire it, we recommend our Kid Family English mobile app.

Do I need to order the audio lessons with the book?

No, you don’t. However, we do highly recommend using the audio lessons. They will help students make great progress in English.

Can I order just the audio lessons?

You can, but please keep in mind that the audio lessons were made to complement The Kid Family Story. So if you do not have the book yet, order it together with the audio recordings as this is the only way to really get the most out of them.

Can the book also be purchased in bookstores and other e-shops?

We will certainly offer the book to some bookshops and e-shops. So if you have a favorite shop that you want to support, you can check there or ask if they have The Kid Family Story in their range of books.